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Mabye looking for a clan


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Might be in the search for a clan 

Interessted in playing more competetive fortnite and to take the hobby gaming one more step further 


fortnite player at 22years  i play on EU

I am in Champions League ( i will change name soon ) here are my season 9 stats , i got this account back last season 8 so only a bit over 300 matches. 



30th May 2019 - 2:48am

We are always looking for new members

BTG Gaming

Easy to join clan add me on discord and message me to ask any questions. if you want to a name change would be good... Nothing is required except 
-Nothing Toxic
-Be able to Play
-Join Discord or add me (Int0X8#1458)
Possible Tournament interest if we have enough people. 
If you are a content creator, it is possible that I could try editing for you...(Just tell me what you would want) 



27th May 2019 - 12:36am

We are a clan thats dedicated to helping players grow in the competetive community. Just join the discord and learn how to fill out a application in the channel #how-to-apply. Once you have filled out a app a moderator will shortly review it and you will probably be accepted. ( :