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Looking to tryout for a clan


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I want to join a clan. I'm 13 years old with 230 wins. I was in the champions division before arena reset. I have over 2000 arena points w not many games played. I play on ps4 and some on pc w controller.



13th Aug 2019 - 4:08pm

If ur still not in a clan.. You can always join mine. We play literally any game anyone wants. You say in discord and me and SparkFire00 will always be online and any age can join. I hear ur 13.. I'm 13 to if I make a big clan I'm pretty sure I'll be the first 13 year old to be the leader of a big clan. So far we have 4 members. We will accept you even if u dont live in america. You have to speak speak english and know english obviously u know sence u put stuff down in english lol. You can join my clan and guaranteed dude you will crack up. We have to be the funniest clan ever seriously. So yeah if ur still looking for a clan my clan is always open and joinable.(To Join Go To Discord For Clan Recruitment If U Dont Have Discord U Cant Join).


13th Aug 2019 - 1:25pm

Do you wanna join our clan? We are an average clan. We have sweaty people and bots.If you are toxic we won't allow you in, if you hate bots you also can't join. We are 12 year olds, 11, 10 and yeah, you can join if you want.