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Looking to join team/clan uk/eu

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Trn ranked #2010 solos

Top 10 ranked #3086 solos

31 yo been playing fortnite for 13 weeks had never played it befor April seem to have good stats, get kills, but struggling to get wins though. Looking to join clan for squads, solos, practice/coaching and to play competitively 



21st Jul 2020 - 7:39am

yo the carpet88 You and your clan can join us and we'll combine clans we play fortnite, cod modern warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, APEX Legends, and Rocket League. my psn is ITRY_Slayer78 add me your interested and i'll tell you more.


9th Jul 2020 - 8:07am

Hi Carpet 88!


Im a scout from a clan called Liqxid. We are a pretty competitive clan based in Europe and NAE. I would like to try out for our clan!  My Epic username is GoldenEra1. We just started, but our players are pretty good. I could try you out on Sunday, 9.7.2020. 

P.S: Our members are not very old, our oldest is 17. 


-Liqxid GoldenEra