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Looking to join a fortnite team | i am a comp player Dm me !


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Hey I am ReubenB5 ( Read it all )

I am a Comp fortnite player looking to join a esports team / organisation
[ i am a Team Scouter / recruiter - I do have a resume just incase ( not too long though )

About me and what i can do to help the team - 
- i am 14, EU, Controller, Console and pc 
- i can represent the team in Clan battles / war
- i have earnings from mini cc and wagers 
- i can represent the team in general ~ Socials Name, Fortnite Name and more 
- i have decent socials that i can help the team grow also myself 
- i am a non stop grinder 

Please Dm me for any inquiries and if you would like me on your team 
Thanks !


eSports Team FX

13th Nov 2020 - 6:54am

Hey ReubenR5

We are a new eSports clan and are looking for members just like you.

We believe that you have a lot of potential to be great. Our clan follows/subscribes to all of our members and we sponsor every single one. We will pay wages soon as well! If you are interested at all just send us a DM on instagram or you can just check out our profile and join our discord




8th Nov 2020 - 11:12pm

Hey there,


This is the scout of Team Reheat, I saw your application. If ur still looking for a team/clan, then consider to check out our profile for more information how to join our team, about the team and what we offer. If u have any questions dont hesitate to contact us ( Join our discord server and dm the owner or the staff). 


Team Reheat Scouting Team.


6th Nov 2020 - 6:17am

Hey reuben
We would love to have you in our organization console hounds. We are ready to help you grow as an individual promoting your socials in each video you help us in we hope to have you with us at console hounds Please consider joining
Discord server:


3rd Nov 2020 - 1:00am

Hey there SnipedFN,

Gravity Esports here. I feel that you will fit right in with our community :) We hold a competitive and friendly atmosphere with great members, a cool community, and devoted owners such as myself. Make sure to review/check out our profile for all the necessary details. If you have any questions at all feel free to join the Team Discord and dm either me (Novvy) or the other CEO (Dani). Make sure to also fill out the application form. Thank you for your time and please get back to us!


GRV Novvy