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Looking to join an active clan.

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Hi I’m swampy and I’m looking to join an active clan, I lean more towards PVE than PVP and I’m into my raids and dungeons. Not looking to join any clan that wants me to change my name cuz that ain’t gonna happen, will change my clan in game title as expected. I’m based in the UK and play more late evenings most days of the week, I take things seriously but it’s also gotta be fun so looking for like minded players. Hit me up and see if we can work something out .



27th May 2019 - 8:27am

Hi Swampy, 

I don't ask people to change their name, why would I? 

I'll tell you a bit about our clan.

I represent a UK and EU clan called the The-Shadow-Syndication and we want active players to join us. I have gotten rid of A LOT of dead wood to the point where we now have to rebuild but you know what they say about rising from the ashes. 

I need players now that want to do end game content such as raids (I enjoy these aspects of the game personally), Gambit, Crucible with the aim of holding regular events that can be streamed to increase our profile.

We do have rules but these are designed to increase activity and make sure there is no toxicity in the clan, these are:

1. Must join our Discord server and Website within 48 hours of being accepted. 

2. Must have a working microphone. 

3. Show respect to your team mates, we accept Guardians of all ages, races, creed, sexual orientation and religion. We do not discriminate. 

4. You MUST hit your weekly clan XP contribution of 5000xp

5. You MUST take part in AT LEAST 1 clan event in a 2 week period. If there are no events that suit your availability then you can request an event.

Hopefully you'll read something you like but if you have any questions, just message me. This can be done on Bungie.Net, just search for my name. I've also provided the link to our clan

Hope to talk to you

Rikus68 - TSS Founder