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Looking for XB1 Clan


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Hello, I'm Donnzo, 20 years old and primarily an Xbox One gamer. I'm looking for a clan to join that plays pretty much any game as I enjoy a variety of games, From Overwatch, to GTA, to FIFA. 

Looking for a clan that I can play somewhat often with, have recently started getting back into Overwatch and looking to go back into Comp soon. I tend to play tank but can play majority of classes to a decent standard.

I enjoy playing SoT and GTA as well.

Ideally looking for a group who I can have fun with while also playing serious.

Feel free to message me on Discord; Donnzo#0862


GRM Knight Red

Why not join GRM? we have been around for 14 years and are always welcoming new members! We are on pretty much every major game out there I invite you to apply at or you can reach me on xbox my gamertag is GRM Master Luke.

TOAO Community

Hello there, we see you are looking for a group! Why not join with a Community? Visit out website and fill out a Member Form under the Charter page if you are interested in joining. 


Please Contact [email protected] for any questions you may have about our community and/or website.


Hey Donnzo, if you're into SoT and GTA, Greywatch might be a good fit for you. A few of us play Overwatch, but it isn't a big focus of ours; however in SoT and GTA we dominate.

Greywatch is very laid back and chill, but we're experienced gamers who can wreck when needed; if you're interested you can message my gamertag, SkeleClark, on Xbox where I'm most responsive. A Discord is also required btw, just to warn you :)