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Looking for an team or small clan to grow

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I am a fortnite player that is training to become one of the best. I won 45$ in wager money and place decently well in tournaments. 


ABOUT ME: I am a 18 teen year old senoir in high school and i have started playing fortnite since season 5. I have started getting into comp during about season X so i might be a little rusty but hey theres always room to improve right?

If you are wondering how i play here is a link to a hightlight video of mine!



If you want to contact me you can DM my twitter ||


Bacon Clan

3rd Nov 2020 - 2:59pm

Hi,We here at Bacon Clan are trying to grow as a clan and become an official esports group.So,if you would like,contact us at [email protected] to become a member.There,we can give you the link to our discord server,and our tryouts discord server.We are currently trying to be sponsered by Corsair and other companies so please,Join us and become a player as good as bacon from the butcher tastes!(I'm sorry vegans and veggitarians,I am not agenst any vaganisum or veggitarrians.Bacon just tastes good.)     



-Bacon Clan


3rd Nov 2020 - 12:51am

Hello SpamEdits,

This is Gravity eSports. It looks like you should probably review/check out our profile. You may feel right at home in our community :). If you are interested or have any questions about our team, community, or whatever it may be, feel free to join our Discord and dm either CEO Novvy or CEO Dani. Thank you for your time and we hope you consider becoming part of our family!

- GRV Novvy


Abberantics Esports

31st Oct 2020 - 12:48pm

Good afternoon SpamEdits,

We tried to reach out to you on Twitter but it seems your DMs are closed. We are interested in trying to get you onto our Fortnite comp. team for Abberantics so please DM bobertbobert1#0001 when have some time!

Thanks - Bobert