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Looking for a team

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I am looking for a team to play regularly with, as I am tired of queuing up with randoms. i play call of duty mainly but getting into apex and overwatch. I have a mic, I am 28, and looking for a well structured team.



17th Jun 2021 - 2:02pm

HI would you be interested in our Apex Club

Club Name & Tag: SometimesWeSweat (SWS)

Region: North America (Required) Platform: PC (Preferred)

REQUIREMENTS MAIN: Live in North America, Age 16+, Gold 2+ within the last 2 Ranked Splits, 1.00+ Season K/D. It is Required that you play Apex Legends at least 50% of the time that you are playing video games (we want active people). Speak Fluent English, a Microphone without Echo is Required (YOU MUST BE ABLE TO USE DISCORD VOICE CHAT), Be Competitive at least occasionally.

REQUIREMENTS SECONDARY: Live in North America, Age 16+, Silver 4+ within the last 2 Ranked Splits, 0.60-0.99 Season K/D.

Description: SometimesWeSweat(SWS) is looking for players who want to better themselves at Apex and who play both ranked and normal (pub) games. We need players who want to communicate as a team to get kills and to win games. We need players who will NOT simply push every fight and gunshot without a second thought. We need players who seek to play Smart instead. We try to foster a club focused on improvement and constructive criticism. Occasionally we can get a little passionate and rage a bit, but we try our best not to be toxic, as that is no fun for anyone involved. On that note, please don't expect everyone to be perfect in skill or composure, and we invite people to communicate how they feel about things. Our club is not focused on either ranked or pubs. We try to play both modes at different times. We have about 30 members at the moment. We would prefer PC players, but this is not required. We do have a Discord with server boost so we get better audio in voice chat and better go-live quality for screen sharing. We may or may not be currently filling in our Second Branch Club (SWS2) in game and will use Discord as our Central Hub.

Notes: -Most Players are Plat+ but we would like to be more inclusive so please be fair to everyone.

Dexters Dabs

15th Jun 2021 - 1:22pm

Hi, I am Dexter and I’m passionate about gaming, have been all my life!


I have been on many forums and joined many “teams” in my years of gaming but nothing has ever really been able to hit the spot or offer me what I’ve truly been wanting.

I want a competitive based family we call a team, I want to compete our way up to being a known organisation. I want to feel like I am actually going somewhere rather than just wasting my time playing with the same people because we have the same clan name.

You don’t have to be amazing or compete to be apart of the team but you must bring something to the table to enable us to grow as a unit. 
Be it you work hard with content creating or just put many hours into your streaming career, then you have a home with GDG.

My goal is to make more serious gamers feel like they have a roll, something to look forward to or work towards. I want my dream to become other people’s dreams too. We don’t have to hit the big time, we just want to build up enough to be recognised, the rest will follow with hard work. 

We are new so don’t be discouraged by the lack of players, otherwise this will never grow 🙂


Come and join the family and play today!