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Looking for Raiding Clan. =]



22nd Feb 2018 - 7:31pm
  • The Blackstar Bats [BATS]
  • Discord: The Belfry (
  • Link:
  • Region/Platform: PC/NA
  • Focus: Endgame PVP and PVE activities. We get into a bit of everything, from Public Events to Raids to Trials of the Nine. Who you are is more important to us than your gearscore, and your ability to gel with existing members is paramount to your success as an applicant. That said, we're not too picky--just don't be a jerk and you're well on your way.
  • Looking For: Adult gamers (20+ minimum age requirement) possessed of a cooperative spirit that are looking to get into a wide range of activities with like-minded players.
  • NOTE: All applicants MUST message a Clan administrator upon joining the server to express their intent to join the Clan and sign off on the Rules page.


7th Jan 2018 - 6:00pm

Hello. My Destiny 2 gamertag is Negativeapex. Our clan name is Fubared Battalion. Me and a buddy just made our little clan in hopes of doing Raids and PvP. We are both older guys that are married, we work all day and just want to relax. We are serious about progressing, and raided in Destiny 1, and WoW and Wildstar and blah blah. My point, we want to make progress, we want loot, but no one will scream at you for being a bit late or messing something up. If you don't know how to do something we can teach you, hell if we don't know how to do something you can teach us. We don't have hundreds of members and never will. If your looking to have a few more friends this is the place to be. 

We use Discord, if you want to raid, a mic is required. 

We play in the evenings and on weekends. We are in the Eastern Time Zone. 

If I am on, I chill in discord, whether I am playing Destiny 2, Pubg, Warhammer, or any thing else. 

Our only requirement is that you be mature at whatever age you are, want to have fun, and are willing to try and learn. 


We also bought Destiny 2 late. 


12th Dec 2017 - 4:49pm

We are currently looking for members.
What can we offer?
- Raid Experience.
- Trials of the Nine (Flawless) Experience.
- Always up for events.
- Want some help? We'll help you out!
Raid groups
Trial groups
Have a great time!
We use Discord for all communications, mic req.
The Rules of being a Time Warp clan member:
~ Be Friendly
~ Be Proactive
Apply on

We are also currently looking for members for our Discord Community.
Feel free to join the Discord Channel.



11th Dec 2017 - 11:26am

Aye Cunts!

Looking for an active clan with people who love memes, are friendly and are up for playing stuff that isn't necessarily Destiny?
Then join our little clan.
no really.

We have low standards such as:
1. Act decent
2. Be at least 15 years old (even grandma can join!)
3. Be active.
4. Join our discord.
5. Yes.

Discord link is:
(anyone is welcome, granted that they follow the standards)

You might be thinking "How do I join?"
Well, that's easy!
1. Press this linkymajig:
2. Join.
3. done!