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Looking For a R6 Clan

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Im 16 looking for a r6 clan to improve my skills and grow as a gamer, i play on xbox and my gamertag is FiveUrban. For thw best response you can contact me @true__five on Instagram.


Pixel ッ

30th Apr 2020 - 9:11pm


Hydra Esports is an NA Rainbow Six Xbox Exclusive clan.

We are currently looking for high level players to compete on our competitive team. If your interested in our team please consult our clan page and follow our socials! 
Also go ahead and join our discord or email us with any questions.



RGL Last Empire

8th Apr 2020 - 9:06am

I wont give you some long complicated message. Redemption Gaming is recruiting among the many games our members play R6 is one of them. as long as you are 16+, register on our site, join the discord and have a mic you are welcome.  if your interested register at Put RGL RAP XS as your referrer and you should be able to join the discord from the home page of the site.


4th Apr 2020 - 7:29am

I think the Death Bringers is an established clan with very active members and we are always looking for fun players. We believe that a community for gamers wanting to have fun is what it’s about. We do not care all about the stats, as long as you’re having fun.

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3rd Apr 2020 - 5:17pm

Ghost Team Six is always looking for new or pro players to join our gaming community. While we focus on communication in-game, we also enjoy casual playing. If you are interested in pro tournaments, we have 5 or more a month which includes tournament prizes for the winners.

Games We Play

  • Modern Warfare
  • Battlefield
  • Halo
  • The Division 2
  • Apex
  • and more...

Our community does not require you to fill out an application to join our discord. Feel free to hop into one of our discord channels

If you are interested in giveaways, tournaments, and promotional streaming you can become a member by going to our website at