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Looking for a Pro Fortnite Esports Clan


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I play on pc and looking for a top tier fortnite clan. I have 130+ wins and Im in Champions league. I have an overall average kd of 1.2 and for the past 4 seasons had a kd of 1.5 but maintain 3-4 kills a game. Im looking for an awesome group thats has deals and tournaments. i want to improve and create a new loyal family. Im starting to stream again on twitch and Im always active. If anything contact me by [email protected]


Team XST

1st Aug 2019 - 10:21pm

We would love to have you in our proffesional clan. Just search Team XST and join our discord and we need to see you post a montage with #XSTRC and we will let you know

Thank you

Yours Sincerely