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Looking For A PRO Clan



15th Jul 2019 - 5:10pm

We would love you on the team. Please DM me (vileey#9879 on discord).


13th Jul 2019 - 1:01pm

I would love for you to join my clan Team ODS you would be greatly appreciated and i would love to help you get better and you could help me get better at the same time.


11th Jul 2019 - 12:13am

Greeting I am 13 as well and I understand how it feels not to be apart of something. I am not gonna sugar coat my clan and say that it is the best or that we are professional the thing is we are non of that. We are a small clan that play games for fun. If you are interested in joining us hit me up I'm all ears. We hope to have you on the team👍


10th Jul 2019 - 11:32pm

Hey there TTV MRDARKFANN join Cyber coprs. We are a discord partner and use our verified discord server and our website for most of our org communication. We are a professional organization and are looking for mature players. There is no age limit, however toxicity will result in your mute/ban 

Cyber Corps has a place for everyone. Whether you live in North America or Europe, we’re sure you can have some fun

We are currently looking for more players, both casual and competitive

Dm for more info 





10th Jul 2019 - 7:35pm

Hello I have made a new clan and u will be the second to join it the clans name is GREEN RAZORZ I will play with any member ever day.