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Looking for players aged 18+ for new competitive teams

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We are phasing competitive play into SGN, so we are looking for competitive players or players who want to get into competitive play, who are wanting to be part of something brand new and turn it into something awesome. All players are welcome to apply as long as you're mature and over 18 years of age. We're an adult community of over 100 member's and want competitive players to be involved and active in the community!

We are a community that wants to provide a quality gaming experience that values the safe environment for our members. Safe from toxicity, misogyny and discrimination. So if you're toxic, racist or someone who wants to harass female gamer's please do not apply. 

We are starting out, as the title suggests, so we are not ready to go straight away. We are looking for players who are willing to put in the grind to create the teams that will win, but also be something that we as a community can be proud of. We have some players for Modern Warfare so it'll likely be the first game we get going first, but will need more players. 

Once we have enough members interested in a game below, we can start running tryouts. Our criteria isn't limited to how good YOU are, we will check; your communication, your skill, how you treat your team mates, how you talk to the opposition and more. Respect is a huge attribute that will bring you further in SGN than skill. 

The games we have interest in supporting first are:

  • Modern Warfare - This is obviously the biggest FPS game right now, so we want to have this game on our starting list. 
  • League of Legends - This PC game is great, we need to build up a team and promote leaders into it so there's room for you to move into leadership pretty quickly for this game, meaning you'll have some control over how it's run and use your experience to raise this team into something great. 
  • Rainbow Six Siege - All platforms - Such a heavily skill based FPS where when you die, you're done until the next round, we really want players for all platforms so we can have a team for each. Again we need players, and the players who apply for this game will have a shot to become one of the leaders running the team! 
  • CS:GO - This is a game we'd like to support but it isn't a priority. If players apply for the game then we'll run the team!
  • Rocket League - Always a fun game, so if we can support it we will! 

If you're wanting a community that will back you 100%, then we hope that SGN is right for you. Yes there's work to do but that means we're a blank canvas. It means that if you have things you DON'T want us to be you're able to speak up and make sure aren't. Yes we will listen to you, if you're here to make a difference we will listen to you. 

Join this link to get started and once in the server message DrCyn#0001:




8th Aug 2020 - 10:47pm

I have a 2.5 K/D and 45 wins on Warzone while playing with Friends who aren't that good, but hey, they're my friends so its okay :).

My K/D on Multiplayer is 1.7.

I've been playing COD for 8+ years (currently 20 years old). I have 1 thousand hours on CS:GO and tried to go Pro when I was 16 but fell short due to me and my teams abilities. However, due to that experience I have amazing game sense and strats. I am usually at the top of the Lobby when I play multiplayer and I usually have the most kills in my squad on Warzone.

I'm trying to join teams, but the players don't show too much potential and have bad game sense. I want a team that can still win a round of S&D after I die. I want to join a competent team!

I hope that I can be an asset to your team and make it better! Hit me up :)


9th Aug 2020 - 12:21pm


We're still in the process of developing a competitive team, so we're advising anyone who's looking for a team to join that if they're interested in us then it's going to be hard work getting to a point of tournament readiness. Right now, there's a blank slate that the right person can take advantage of and build the team they think will win but also keep human decency and professional sportsmanship in everything they do. Toxicity within our community, which the competitive team will be active participants in, is not tolerated. 

Provided you meet the criteria, you're of course welcome in our community and we encourage you to join the discord link above! 

Kind Regards, 

SG Leadership