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prefer no discord as im not a big talker. i play often (usually doing all the weekly challenges except the pvp ones)

dont mind helping anyone if needed

Battlenet id : BuZzY001 #1178



Hey whats up? Check out my clan, we're trying to find more people to play with and are very friendly!! We do have a discord but you dont have to talk if you dont wanna!


[PC] [NA] [18+ Open Membership] The Cobra Kai needs you ! New clan looking to expand our members

Join Our Clan Here

We're here to annihilate and chew bubblegum......and we're all out of gum.

Active Founder
PC Platform
NA Region
Non-Toxic player base
No Politics, Religion or hate speech
Clan Discord Server:

Current Activities: Strikes, Heroic Strikes, Nightfalls, Crucible PvP (non competitive) and Public Events. Looking to Raid when our player base expands.

We are a recently formed Destiny 2 clan and we're looking to expand our members. If you're looking for a place to have some fun while gaming then join us !