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prefer no discord as im not a big talker. i play often (usually doing all the weekly challenges except the pvp ones)

dont mind helping anyone if needed

Battlenet id : BuZzY001 #1178



Thu, 02/22/2018 - 19:31
  • The Blackstar Bats [BATS]
  • Discord: The Belfry (
  • Link:
  • Region/Platform: PC/NA
  • Focus: Endgame PVP and PVE activities. We get into a bit of everything, from Public Events to Raids to Trials of the Nine. Who you are is more important to us than your gearscore, and your ability to gel with existing members is paramount to your success as an applicant. That said, we're not too picky--just don't be a jerk and you're well on your way.
  • Looking For: Adult gamers (20+ minimum age requirement) possessed of a cooperative spirit that are looking to get into a wide range of activities with like-minded players.
  • NOTE: All applicants MUST message a Clan administrator upon joining the server to express their intent to join the Clan and sign off on the Rules page.


Wed, 12/13/2017 - 16:31

[PC] [NA] [18+ Open Membership] The Cobra Kai needs you ! New clan looking to expand our members

Join Our Clan Here

We're here to annihilate and chew bubblegum......and we're all out of gum.

Active Founder
PC Platform
NA Region
Non-Toxic player base
No Politics, Religion or hate speech
Clan Discord Server:

Current Activities: Strikes, Heroic Strikes, Nightfalls, Crucible PvP (non competitive) and Public Events. Looking to Raid when our player base expands.

We are a recently formed Destiny 2 clan and we're looking to expand our members. If you're looking for a place to have some fun while gaming then join us !


Sat, 12/09/2017 - 07:25

Hey whats up? Check out my clan, we're trying to find more people to play with and are very friendly!! We do have a discord but you dont have to talk if you dont wanna!