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Looking for OCE Clan for Fortnite and Rocket League

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Hello, I am TheFatfish

I am a 14 year old mature player. I have a good microphone (Blue Snowball) and I am willing
to interact with other people (Not a shy person basically). I can be on for most days for a few hours
per day.

I have owned Rocket League for around 3 years and my ranks follow as
Platinum 1 for Solos and triples
Platinum 2 for Doubles. (KBM Player BTW)

I have played Fortnite since early season 1 and I feel like I am at the stage
where I would like to play a clan and see what the experience would
be like to do gaming seriously. I have played First Person Shooters for more then 8 years
now and I'm improving rapidly every day.
(If you're lazy, basically 8k kills (1800 this season) 1.81 KD (1.95 KD this season)
127 wins (25 this season))

Like my bio states, If you would like to contact me, Add my discord! TheFatfish#6274

Thank you.



22nd Feb 2019 - 6:14am

Ayoo! New clan just starting, its called 821. We are a fortnite clan trying to make a very supportive community (twitch, youtube etc). If that sounds like something you're interested JOIN ON UP FAM:


16th Feb 2019 - 9:46am

Hey we are looking for people to join are clan if you are interested search sw1ft in the looking for clan section. There are exceptions depending on your skill level so wins dont really matter.