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Looking for a nice and good squad in the European timezone.


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I am Gamgroll, 30 years old, long time gamer looking for some teammates to secure some CoD WZ kills and wins.

Fluent in German and English. Discord available.

Located in Germany and normally online in the late afternoons/evenings. I am best in trios and quads but also play duo.

You can find my current stats at…

900+ matches in CoD WZ BR, 1.5+ KD, 3500+ kills, 50+ Wins

Looking forward to game with you.



6th Apr 2021 - 3:51pm

Tired of playing solo trying to run with randoms? Don't want to deal with the toxicity of random lobbies? Then BlackWater Gaming (BWG) is the place for you. We have active members always looking for someone to squad up with. We're currently recruiting for ages 18+  casual and competitive players for all platforms. We're also welcoming content creators. COD and Apex are our current Primary Game Focus, but other gaming is welcomed too. No expectations to meet as far as stats. Our Discord server is our main way to communicate, as far as finding other members to squad up with, keep up with clan news, tournaments, etc.... Promotions based on time in the clan, but we are also always welcome for members taking on bigger roles within the clan. We also try to host tournaments and custom lobby game nights when we can. Check out our page and message us if you're interested.