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Looking For A New Clan/Community to call home


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Looking for a new clan potentially a community clan have years of gaming and lots of experience such as I was the 1st Captain for a clan called Xero Degrees Gaming (XDG) I was a Master Sgt For a clan called Knowledge Strength Intergity (KSI) was 3rd In Command/Cheif Operating Officer and a Recruitment Manger for a Organization called D2 Esports (D2ES) and even made my own clan at one point which failed called Arctic Kingz Gaming (AKG) have been gaming since ps1 and ps2 were first released and grew up on alot of call of duty was also on xbox 360 when it was around aswell what I am looking for in a clan/community is one that doesnt fight or bicker about things that dont matter and can get along with each other or try to screw me or screw around with me all the time looking for friendly People, Staff, Admins, and Management, within the community that care about one another am looking for a clan with rank structure and ways to rank up meetings rules or polices set in place at all times giveaways donations good things for the community all while caring about the team within and its players at the same time if someone can give some leads or pointers to a great clan like the one I am talking about on here please do so in the comments below serious inquiries only no time wasters or clans youve already been in you will be ignored if thats the case I play on Xbox and PS4 at the moment but will be beginning to work on my PC next I do stream alot on Twitch and other platforms aswell if you can help a brother out with a clan that actually gives a crap about their members please let me know I can also be reached on Xbox my gamertag is:D2 StorM52 and my PSN I.D. is RealArctic_StorM willing to drop and change my credentials for a loving caring community in a heartbeat so if you are a great community full of everything listed here give me a shout and thanks in advance sincerly StorM52



18th Feb 2021 - 4:43am

Black River PMC Crew Military Style RP GTA 5 ps4 Hello, dear viewer, we are Black River Private Military Corporation, Founded on July 4th, 2019 we are everything American as can be. What is Black River PMC or BRPM? We are a realistic and fun Private Military roleplay,milsim and PVP crew. We try to be different and unique whilst still giving you the skills, knowledge, discipline and experience you would get in real Private Military Contracting. Our work mainly consist of standard resupply and sell missions on GTA. But we can do much more entertaining and realistic jobs such as player made contracts, military patrols, Milsim's, and Operations. We have great team and are active 24/7 we also can offer you a realistic experience you wont find anywhere else. We are based off Merryweather and Blackwater. We are an IAA founded PMC that works to take down criminals and gangs however we are allowed to kill military and police officers if need be. Offerings include 5 departments Army, Reconnaissance (Agency), Air, Navy and Special Operations Department (note every dept has their own unique spec ops). Also please note dear viewer you do not have to have past experience, a good K.D or be high level to join us. To join or seek further information please message and add Brendanassassin1#3556 on discord or Brendanassassin1 on ps4 and for a direct discord link to the server also our newest trailer


18th Jan 2021 - 11:28am

was also at one point in (DHG) Die Hard Gamers aswell I dont remember my final ranking in there but I do remember being apart of them at one point 


18th Jan 2021 - 10:49am

The games I play currently for xbox is cod mw cod cold war gta 5 apex for ps4 is only apex legends atm