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Looking for a new clan to join.


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Looking for a social and mature clan. I'm 30 years old and a father of two. I do stream quite frequently on but I feel like I haven't really been anything besides that anymore. Really would want to get back into just gaming with some friends. It doesn't really matter which game as long as the company is good!



30th Sep 2019 - 3:51am

Hey Red,

If you are looking for something more social, The Order of the Blue Rook is a group of gamers who are mostly in their late 20's to early 30's.  We are a gaming fraternity centered around an upcoming MMORPG called Chronicles of Elyria, and while it is still in pre-alpha, we are all biding our time playing whatever games we can.  All of us have a shared vision of a better gaming community that focuses interaction over competitive zeal.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, hit us up at


Warm Regards,



11th Sep 2019 - 10:14pm

Hello Inebrios,


We would like you to come have a chat with us and know more about our clan :) We are a bunch of nice people and always happy to meet new people to hang out.

Here are some links and if you find it appealing, just write to me on discord (Challice#1029):


Would be nice meeting you!



11th Sep 2019 - 5:39am

The Xiled Ones(TXO) are always looking for new members. We are a multi-game community that focuses on fun and friendships before anything else.


  • 16+
  • You must have Discord and a mic.
  • Willingness to have fun and meet new and interesting people.

If interested, contact me here or on Discord: Inebrios#6047
Happy gaming,
TXO Inebrios


11th Sep 2019 - 1:55am

Hi Red! We'd love to have you in Clan OD


Clan Overdosed is currently looking for members to join our Apex Legends squad! The clan itself has been around for the better part of about 20 years. We have a slew of members who play a wide variety of games; Diablo 2 & 3, Path of Exile, Black Desert Online, Rocket League, Dota 2, Overwatch, etc, most recently adding Apex Legends.If you're looking for a tight knit gaming community that's always got members doing something check us out! If you have any questions regarding the clan or our Apex Legends squad I am available on Discord (v3n0m#6937) or (v3n0m#1637) or Origin (v3n0m_OD) for questions, we look forward to hearing from you!