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Looking for a MW2 / MW3 Clan


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Hey all,

I'm looking to join a clan for MW2 and heading into MW3.  MW2 was really the first COD I played so I'm not the best player, but have been working to improve overall as time has gone on and feel I'm somewhat decent at this point.  Just looking for a casual group of people to hang out with, play some games and have fun.

Mainly play on PC but have comms for that and PS5 if necessary.  Feel free to reach out if there's any questions I can answer.

Look forward to hearing from some of you!



29th Dec 2023 - 9:49pm

OML would love to have you, we are a small clan, we all mostly play HC, and we are laid back, we are trying to grow the comp side of things. But if your just looking for something to contribute to, and need people to game with, then hit me up!