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Looking for INCLUSIVE Destiny 2 PVP CLAN

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My name is Devon. I am looking for an inclusive community that does not traffic in bigotry or hate for anyone. I just want to spend time running GAMBIT or CRUCIBLE with anti-racist and welcoming human beings who love Destiny. I have played Destiny since D1 where I started as a TITAN but I am a much better HUNTER. Once I made the switch everything just clicked. 



16th Jul 2020 - 9:13pm

Hi Muslimsqwerl,

If you are still looking for a clan to call home, Black Widow Company is recruiting. We are online every evening, most of us are NA, though we have a few EU members that we play with too.

We do play PVP quite often and we complete PVE activities too. You can check out our gaming community at and reach out to me there or here. 

See you Starside!

- KayLous