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Looking for Highly Skilled Fortnite Team (PC)


Listing Information

I am an 18 year old Fortnite gamer that stream and does youtube. Looking for a Pro Fortnite team that is serious and will play to get better. My Fortnite account name is “Twitch ParadoxRn”, for the last 7 days my k/d is a 8.1 with a 22.1% Win percentage in solos and 5.93 k/d with a 15.5% win percentage in season 3 solos. Contact me if you are interested in teaming and I am EST.



26th Apr 2018 - 11:25am

Your more than welcome to join XGN we have Xbox PS and PC divisions. The leader of the PC division just so happens to be the Head of Media for XGN. In the pc division we also have the Head of YouTube and twitch so if your a streamer XGN is where it's at. 

Not to mention we have a bunch of Sponsors and a design team to help you with your graphics. We also have a lot of fortnite players as well. XGN DEATHREP (GEN)#3092 is my discord dm me get in or check out our site


22nd Apr 2018 - 5:38am

United Rogue is looking for competitive players to join our community! (PC and PS4)

Our goal is to have competitive seasons once private servers are released, this would include:

-Streamed matches
-Season Statistics
-Season prizes/rewards

We have  25 established Fortnite teams that compete against each other on a weekly basis. 

While we wait for private servers, we hold three events a week: squads on Wednesdays and Fridays, and solo/duo tournaments on Saturdays 8 PM EST. Also starting in May we will be doing our mock series of solo and duo tournaments

If you are interested, please message me for an application. 

Please make sure to follow the link to our discord (found in the application) before submitting.

There will be a short interview and then you will become a free agent, where you will compete with others to join one of our teams!