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Looking for friends - 24+


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Ive been in quarantine for a while, living in Cali USA, and unemployed (former bartender). Ive been left with a lot of free time and its been a struggle to find others my age to hang out with. Hoping to find any one my age or older to play any of the listed games I have! 

I have Discord and a mic, btw.




16th Mar 2021 - 9:54pm

Ahoy Mates! Are you looking for a crew to Join? Need a new set of crew mates that you can play with constantly? Want to be apart of a massive online group that caters to multiple games? Well then the Kaldaran Empire is looking for you!!! Our Sea of Thieves group caters to all platforms and has people from all over that you can join up with. No more trying to find people that play when you do. So click the link and today!!! Tell them SharkBait sent you!


7th Mar 2021 - 3:59pm

RGL or Redemption gaming live is more that just a clan were a multi platform, multi game, gaming community!
RGL was founded on 2 core beliefs Respect for each other, and the love of gaming!
We are looking to add more to our ranks!
Features in RGL include
Active discord server with 500+ members
Weekly Events, gamenights, and Tournaments
Unique rank structure
Award system and recruiting bonuses
Chill Family vibe atmosphere
No hardcore commitments, You wont be asked to change your GT, We just ask that you Respect everyone and Have Fun!
If this sounds like something you'd be interested in you can add me on discord - confident_undecided#1946