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Looking for Friendly Clan!

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Just started a couple weeks ago. 523 hunter. Hoping to level up the other two in the near future. 

I enjoy the PVE content more than the PVP, for sure, but Gambit is pretty fun. 

I have a mic but am usually a typer. Anyhow. I've been pretty active lately but as the endgame crunches and I don't have a clan, it's becoming more difficult to advance. 

Just looking for people who are a fun, friendly, but, of course, want to progress. 

My tag is Lenonymous#1716. Thanks for any consideration!



10th Dec 2018 - 6:56am


I am PaintedWolf and I'm recruiting for my clan, Septem Lunaris. We are an 18+ casual multigaming clan looking to grow, but we are focused on keeping a good and laid back community of players. We set up raids rather consistently and have a nice portion willing to participate in PvP.

Our only requirement is that you be within our Discord for communication and clan notification purposes. No mic is needed to join us, and we have even taught players without mics how to do raids and have made alternate communication methods for this so that everyone is involved.


You can read more about us and about how to join on our clan page here:

You can find our Destiny 2 clan profile here:


16th Oct 2018 - 5:16pm

The Knights of the Tenth Star is a relatively new clan, and are currently looking to expand. We cater to all playstyles; Be it PvP Competitive or Casual - PvE Nightfalls, Raids, and Strikes - Or just to enjoy the company of like-minded Guardians.

We have a Chain of Command, and an organized ranking structure. Normally a new applicant will need to be at an Initiate (ITE) level before being placed into a company, but since we have been expanding, we are waiving the ITE requirements for first few members in a new company.

We are an 18+ clan (but we do allow family members under 18) If this sounds like your thing, please check out our [website]( and our [Discord]( or feel free to send me a PM! We look forward to all our new members!