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Looking for Friendly Clan!

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Just started a couple weeks ago. 523 hunter. Hoping to level up the other two in the near future. 

I enjoy the PVE content more than the PVP, for sure, but Gambit is pretty fun. 

I have a mic but am usually a typer. Anyhow. I've been pretty active lately but as the endgame crunches and I don't have a clan, it's becoming more difficult to advance. 

Just looking for people who are a fun, friendly, but, of course, want to progress. 

My tag is Lenonymous#1716. Thanks for any consideration!



16th Oct 2018 - 5:16pm

The Knights of the Tenth Star is a relatively new clan, and are currently looking to expand. We cater to all playstyles; Be it PvP Competitive or Casual - PvE Nightfalls, Raids, and Strikes - Or just to enjoy the company of like-minded Guardians.

We have a Chain of Command, and an organized ranking structure. Normally a new applicant will need to be at an Initiate (ITE) level before being placed into a company, but since we have been expanding, we are waiving the ITE requirements for first few members in a new company.

We are an 18+ clan (but we do allow family members under 18) If this sounds like your thing, please check out our [website]( and our [Discord]( or feel free to send me a PM! We look forward to all our new members!