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Looking for Fortnite Clan/Team to improve competitive play


Listing Information

200+ wins (mostly playing for fun)

Can play competitively

Good aim/game sense/building

Looking to improve on a competitive scene and playstyle

Add me on Epic @ Twitch mmarr or Discord @ Mar#6142 to message me



14th Mar 2019 - 7:31am

hay man just looked at your stats and they are amazing i would love to have you in my clan (The Misters)

but if you join another clan i hope you have fun in the clan and enjoy it

Thank you

(If you want to join here is my discord



13th Mar 2019 - 2:47pm

Hey! I'm ProGongo, a Head Developer for Lucid Gaming.

 We are a clan that is qualified for scrims and will be qualified for tournaments once we have 100 members. We have over 50 members. Our LookingForClan page is here: You have to join our Discord which is here

Here is some information that will be helpful:


We only have 2 requirment to join our clan, and that is you MUST have a microphone. If not there is a zero percent chance that you will be able to compete in tournaments and/or scrimmages. And you are required to have Discord or else you can not join our clan.

Tryout Procedure: 

In order to be able to compete in scrimmages/tournaments, you must be qualified for them. Here is the procedure:

  1. Contact a Recruiter on the Discord server and schedule a time for a tryout.
  2. You and the selected Recruiter will go into a Playgrounds/Creative match and do 3-5 1v1s.
  3. After the 1v1s, you and the Recruiter will do 1-5 duo matches depending on how you did in the 1v1s, and how well you do in the duo matches.
  4. After the 1v1s and duos, the Recruiter will decide if you qualify for Tournaments and/or Scrimmages.

Qualifying for Recruiter:

If you believe you are good enough to become a Recruiter for the Lucid Clan, You must listen to the following:

  • Must be qualified for Competitive
  • Must contact ProGongo#5386, Bolonic#9622 or YeetusBoye#1251 via Discord DM. These are the Major Recruiters.
  • Be active on Fortnite and Discord almost every day.
  • Be a member of the clan for at least 2 weeks.
  • Be able to 1v1 any of these 3 Recruiters and beat them or tie them in 1v1s.
  • Wins and KD will be a determining factor once you contact one of the Major Recruiters.


The rules of the clan are as followed:

  • No explicit content / NSFW content.
  • No bad language because of our younger players on our clan
  • No advertising of other clans
  • No selling Fortnite accounts our other content that breaks the Epic Games Code of Conduct
  • Please be considerate of others (No Toxicity)
  • Name change is NOT required at the moment, but may be required as we get bigger

Other Info:

  • My Discord is ProGongo#5386. I will respond pretty fast. I am in charge of the process for all of this, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  • If you want to join, It would help a lot if you fill out this google form: This will make you have a better chance of getting recruited faster. This is NOT required, but reccommended

We look forward to having you join our clan! Again, if you have any questions, please contact me on Discord @ProGongo#5386


13th Mar 2019 - 2:44pm

Hello I just started a new clan and am looking for people to join. If you're interested you can join my discord server and go in the tryout text channel. I'd greatly appriciate if you stopped by


13th Mar 2019 - 6:41am

Hey, if you would like to apply for competitive/pro rank on our discord you may definitely apply! We're currently looking for casual/competitive players at the momment. As we expand our clan we will be adding different games and currently we're aiming on Fortnite and Apex.