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Looking for Fortnite clan

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Hi I'm looking for a fortnite clan because I am really good and want to learn how to get even better. I only started playing on chapter 2 season 1 and already have

I currently have

421 wins


12, 263 elims. 



30th Jun 2020 - 8:11pm

Hey, English Cobra$ are looking for new member, we accept any players good or bad. Go check out our website if you wanna know more. We are new and only have 3 members but English Cobra$ would love to invite you to our clan. We also have a discord so go check it out. We are a friendly clan so we do not judge anyone we respect every player. SO if your intrested just let me know. 


-English Cobra$ (Kylie-Leader)


30th Jun 2020 - 10:23am


We are recruiting for unknown, We are a relatively kind and accepting of all ages, we are not toxic and we have some amazing players who can help you rank up. You can join our discord server here 

We have little members but we make up for that in skill.

We have no requirements for joining except that you promise to follow the rules on the discord. Have a good day and we hope you consider joining our clan