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Looking for Fortnite clan!

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Looking for a decent Fortnite clan that is based around Nintendo Switch.
I've got around 40ish wins.
Joined in Season 7 of Chapter 1. (Yes I play on Switch)
Was recently in a small friend-ran clan, but want to join a higher up clan, as I've gotten slightly better at the game.
I'm NOT good at building, but I am great at playing the support role or rushing another team.
On average I get about 10 or more kills per game, landing at Salty Springs.
I have a Mic.
I also have discord, however, due to strict parents, I am only on during school hours.
My Fortnite name is currently DC Lt Sparrow, it will be changed, as I am not in DC Lt anymore, but I don't want to change it until I'm in another clan, so I can change my name to include the new clan.


Insight 4x3l05

10th Nov 2019 - 7:32pm

Hey. I am just starting a clan now called insight. It is entirely nintendo switch based. Between my old and new accounts, I have the same amount of wins too lol. I drop salty as well and need some recruits. I started a the same time, and I get how hard it is to find a clan. You can join if u want. Just reply to this if you want, and i will add u on fortnite.