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Looking for fortnite clan


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Looking for a clan that doesn’t care about getting 10000 members and cares more about each individual player trying to help them grow as players or content creators. I’m looking for a team to actually slay out with. 



22nd Feb 2019 - 6:11am

Ayoo! New clan just starting, its called 821. We are a fortnite clan trying to make a very supportive community (twitch, youtube etc). If that sounds like something you're interested JOIN ON UP FAM:


14th Feb 2019 - 6:54pm

We are looking for people to form a small clan of are own to play competitive and casual with, we aren't big nor do we have any over the top ranking or sponsors, but if you try out and we approve of you then you'll be one of are main go to people for competitive giving you the individual importance that you wish for in a group. We hope that you'll consider our proposition, we really want to get to know all our members we hope to get to know you to. Join the discord link if you wish to try out.

UG Vader

14th Feb 2019 - 12:51am

Hello, I am UG Vader the founder of Unity Gaming. we offer a comp team and currently looking for more players we also have a full functional ranking structure with sponsors for your stream. We will also have ESL Merch and jerseys with in the week join our discord if you would like to check us out



12th Feb 2019 - 11:13pm

FuZe Fortnite Clan


A gaming community built around experienced Fortnite gamers, popular streamers, GFX designers and editors 


Here’s what we can offer you!

➭ 👥 **Professionalism. We’ve an awesome, supportive staff team;

➭ 🌐 A Media Enterprise. We’re more than just a esports community, our social media presence spans across the gaming ecosystem. Could you be the next thing we talk about?

➭ 🍿 Social Events. We host FuZe Clan Scrims, tfault, Skully scrims and gaming tournaments for the community; 

➭ 🎮 A Professional Gaming Community. We’re home to pro teams of the game called Fortnite.

➭ 📺 A Place for Streamers and Youtubers to Connect. We’re home to Streamers and other content creators. We try to help support big & small streamers; 

➭ 📊 Leveling Systems. With unique roles and other goodies you can climb our ranks; 

➭ 🕹 All platforms are allowed We need you! We’ve unique content and have a home for you here and all platforms are allowed to join.

➭ 💟 And much, much more!


🤝 Partnerships are welcome; 

🔗 Here's our link:

🖼 Our Youtube channel: