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Looking for a fortnite clan

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Competitive Fortnite Player Free Agent looking for duo partner and an organization to represent -Division 6 -around 200 wins

My fortnite stats are here


-20$ in prize money

-45 twitch followers

-22 youtube followers

contact me:Discord


If anyone has a youtube or twitter let me know and ill probably join them.

If anyone is full of players I still will join as a back up staff or a content creator



10th Jun 2019 - 6:14am

hello i would like to offer you to join my clan which is called x3. at x3 we only accept the people that strive to be the very best, what u say u are sounds good to me and i’m offering you to come tryout, or send 10 of your best clips, which ever one you wanna do, and i really hope u come try out because most of these guys just copied and pasted but i’m saying this with my own words no copy and paste so please consider trying out i would very much appreciate it that’s the discord link have a nice day


11th May 2019 - 8:23pm

do you want our pro clan if you do look at the requirements in our clan bio and if u want to message me look at my socials in my account bio


19th Dec 2018 - 6:26am

Hello i am a clan that has at the time 0 clan members I think you would make a great fit for my clan TPC we do tourneys and much more

stuff if we win cash prizes I split it evenly amongst my clan members.


Squshy Pirates

18th Dec 2018 - 8:52pm

Hello!! WAFFLENATOR you are plenty welcome in SqUiShY Gaming😀 SqUiShY Gaming is all about competetive Fortnite and competetive Rainbow six seige, If you are good at building on fortnite then we will work on your shots you will have to do tryouts and 1v1 two leaders from this clan if they think your good you will be put on a competetive team if not then a casual player for SqUiShY Gaming, we care alot about our members so if you need a clan just join our discord fill out and application and have plenty of fun😀😀😀😀 

our Discord:

Feel free to join whenever!!😀😀😀😀😀


18th Dec 2018 - 9:30am



We are very intrested in a fortnite player like you :D 

If you want to join: Type AlphA Clan in lookingforaclan and there is the information that you need to join


Thanks!! :) 


(PS: Our clan has good and bad players. I have 480 wins and my friend has 108 wins :)





17th Dec 2018 - 10:06pm

Hey WAFFLENATOR, Welcome to T&K3N

We are a Fortnite competitive clan and we are looking for members on Xbox, PS4 or PC if you wish. If you are interested add me on Xbox BlueMoonWolf98 or as an Epic friend at WIGITY5040. We will basically hop into a playground match and see what you've got. Don't worry if you think your bad because we are here to train you into a better gamer. We play competitively and regularly play srims. But we are still a casual laid back clan and we would love you to join if you play on console and play Fortnite. Add me on Xbox at BlueMoonWolf98 or as an Epic friend WIGITY5040. Add Co-Founder Clayton on PS4 at Mrsmitt_420 or as an Epic friend at SmittOh420.

Thanks, I hope you chose T&K3N,

Ethan (Clan Co-Founder).