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looking for fn clan.

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im getting back into the fn scene and im trying to join a clan. ive done mostly content but i did comp back in c1-c2 s3 but im a bit rusty but when i did play comp i played igl. if you wanna see more about me you can look at my pf and it says more.



9th Nov 2023 - 2:08am

octordle game is most probably the most difficult interpretation of Wordle presently available to puzzle enthusiasts. This interpretation of the game gives players a thousand sum of 13 guesses to get 8 words correct. The puzzle board is massive, and it adds depths to the master that make it look ampere easy as proto-Indo European in comparison. While inspired by Wordle, the website mentions that this adaptation is based on like games called Quordle and Dordle which are Wordle variations with four answers and two answers, respectively.
It is played in the same way as Wordle ; players guess a five-letter english word. It is indecipherable whether octordle uses its own list of approve words or the original list of Wordle answers before the New York Times censored them.


7th Nov 2023 - 7:25pm

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