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looking for a eu / uk clan

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looking for a active clan in the eu / uk time zone .

I want to do all aspects of the game , I used to play destiny 1 and I got my titan to 270 atm and I'm working on warlock and hunter ..

Been gaming a very long time and I'm looking to enjoy the game with good clan mates .



12th Dec 2017 - 4:50pm

We are currently looking for members.
What can we offer?
- Raid Experience.
- Trials of the Nine (Flawless) Experience.
- Always up for events.
- Want some help? We'll help you out!
Raid groups
Trial groups
Have a great time!
We use Discord for all communications, mic req.
The Rules of being a Time Warp clan member:
~ Be Friendly
~ Be Proactive
Apply on

We are also currently looking for members for our Discord Community.
Feel free to join the Discord Channel.



6th Dec 2017 - 10:28pm

Team Collide - c)(o

21+ | Discord required | Active members only

We're looking to add more active members to our ranks.  The clan has reached capacity at 100 members multiple times, and we're watching activity in order to try and keep only active members involved.  I just dropped 20 members due to inactivity, so we're in a recruiting phase now to fill those slots back up.

Constant housecleaning occurs in order to keep the most active members possible.  The goal is to reach 100 fully active players, with exceptions for vacations, etc.

We have availability for NA and EU players in both PvP and PvE.  If PvP is your focus, we have a dedicated PvP team that is growing and will be involved with clan battles when custom games are released.

Hop into our Discord and introduce yourself in #general!


6th Dec 2017 - 8:22pm

The Dead Zone Europeans is a dedicated Destiny 2 clan, primarily focused on the EU server. DZE contains experienced D2 players committed to completing challenges, raids, nightfalls, PvP as well helping those newer to the game achieving the same. We regularly arrange weekly raids and milestone grinding as well of those needing help levelling up new characters. There is no preference between PvE or PvP, as we have a mixture of members who preference either or both. We encourage our team to be vocal and help others out, an our aim to always have someone available to play with.
we try to do a raid with new players at least once a week

DZE is open to members both non-experienced and experienced, but please only apply if you can commit to the below list;

-    Join the clan Discord server.
-    Actively play Destiny 2, at least once a week.
-    Willing to help others and join into fireteams when and where possible.
-    No salt towards team-mates.
-    Help Arrange Raids, Nightfall Runs, Trials Runs etc.


5th Dec 2017 - 8:54pm

Name: Black-Blood []

Discord: Xion Gaming Central [ ]

We are a group a friends that actively play Destiny 2, we do all types of things from PVP to PVE. Mostly our goal is to get all the events done weekly and just have good time playing the game together I'm looking to make a group of active players who intend to get on a get events done weekly. We aren't looking for certain light levels or you to be the most serious person on the planet, just to be respectful to all the other people you talk to and just relax. If you want to join my clan you can send a request to join. You will have a great time if you manage to just get along with everyone and enjoy yourself!


Server Rules:
1. Absolutely no racism, homophobia or sexism.
2. Absolutely no political discussion.
3. Automatic voice transmission is a privilege, not a right. If someone complains about background noise on your microphone, it falls on you to resolve it. Either quiet the noise or switch to push-to-talk. Not resolving the noise issue is not an option.
4. If there are folks playing a game you are not currently playing, but you feel like chatting anyway, ask before jumping in. They may be in a tough spot and your chatter could be distracting!
5. Don't be lame! Everyone is here for their own enjoyment, and by joining us you are entering into an unspoken agreement that we're all going to be chill to each other. If you can't handle that, please exit the server by right-clicking and selecting 'Leave Server.'