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Looking For Destiny2 Clan to do weekly events with!


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Hello I am an experienced destiny player been playing since the first one.  I want to find a good crew to do weekly leviathan and nightfall missions with.




47 Ronin Goats. Check out our clan statement. If you like it then send a request. We are listed on LFC. I think we can fit your needs 


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Hey our clan, Speaker For the Dead is looking for players that are relatively active and willing to participate in clan events.
We have our own discord group where our members schedule events and work on weekly milestones.
All we ask is that you participate in our discord group and stick to our clan's rules.
Our clan is mostly CT and EST time zones and we are usually more active during the evening hours. But we do sometimes have players on during the day
You can find our clan page at

Feel free to contact me - GoalieTy29 -
Or contact our leader Madjai -


Speaker For the Dead is searching for players that are moderately dynamic and willing to take part in tribe occasions. We have our own conflict assemble where our individuals plan occasions and work on week after week turning points. All we ask is that you take an interest in our dissension gathering and adhere to our tribe's guidelines.