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Looking for d2 clan (PS4)

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Hey thanks for checking out my profile! I'm currently looking for an active d2 clan for ps4. My brother and I are active and helpful.

A little about me:

D1 vet

Claymore/not forgotten/1000 voices 

12 flawless trials

Experienced raider

We're hoping to join a clan that doesn't have requirements and has room on the raid team. I'd like to find more people to clear new content and do guided games! Feel free to message my Psn FinalManStandin 



9th Dec 2018 - 12:06am

Welcome to the home of The Black Oak Bandits! We are a brand new clan that is starting from the ground up. Our founders have been long-time dedicated destiny players and are seeking new friends to help join the fight against all enemies of the guardians.

We are seeking laid back and mature players who are friendly and humble. While we are looking for fierce new bandits to join the fight, we also want our group to be treated like family. Our philosophy is “camaraderie, loyalty and cohesion. Help one another, have fun and always on guard against all foes. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Bandits stick together no matter what and we have each other’s back no matter the odds. The Black Oak Bandits are formidable alone but are unstoppable together”.

We are also looking for pve and pvp sherpas 

Join our discord server today!

See you in there!






5th Dec 2018 - 5:51am

Luminaries was a very active clan in D1 and unfortunately the state of the game in the first few months of D2 took a toll on player activity.  At the moment we're rebuilding our ranks and aside from having a few players that drop in here and there we have four that play nearly every night. We're looking for a few more regularly active players to have a steady group for raiding.

We are an adult clan so chat can get... colorful.  We're not exactly casual but we're pretty easy going and we don't ever have drama.

FOCUS: PVP/PVE Group Activities
MOST ACTIVE TIME OF DAY: Late Night (9pm ET - 1am ET+)

If interested message "Karneios" on PSN.

(We also play Halo / Fallout 76 / BFV on Xbox One)


19th Nov 2018 - 1:44am

Prior to joining Aevum, please make yourself aware of our requirements below. All members must meet such requirements. Our registration process is developed with ease at mind. All you need to do is visit the Game Sorting channel and post which game(s) and platform you play, your age and timezone; hit submit and wait to be placed in the appropriate channels. The entire process is designed from the beginning to keep it simple and easy for everybody. If you do have any questions, feel free to contact an officer at any time. Quick Summary We’re a clan of mature gamers who value social interaction above all else. Personality with character and honour is more important to us than idiots. Our philosophy is to enjoy the experience of gaming, whether you're winning or losing. Aevum is an open and diverse clan with members from all over the world. We offer casual and competitive gaming options and if you are interested in a more serious role, please reach out to an officer. Aevum is an organized clan with staff ranks throughout. We're looking for people who're willing to help us grow and to develop to the next stage whether that's being a staff member or just a member. You're 100% valued in the clan whatever position you hold as at the end of the day we truly believe that you are what makes Aevum...Aevum. What does Aevum mean? Time, eternity, lifetime or generation in Latin. We are Aevum We will last for a lifetime; We are a generation of gamers Requirements - You must be at least 18 years old to join us. - Members of Aevum are considered to be part of a family, with each one of us being dedicated and loyal to only Aevum. Do not apply to join if you're in other clans/communities or if you like to hop between clans. - You're required to have a working microphone. - Respect everybody. We value banter but don't take it too far. We're people too... - No spamming, it's annoying.

If you wanna join here is the link to the discord, hope you can game with us bud !


18th Nov 2018 - 10:43am

Come check us out, very friendly and we're always online every day. Guardian Brotherhood OsG


4th Nov 2018 - 7:52pm

Welcome to Misfit, we are a highly active EU + US clan that participates in all Forsaken/past content activities.

If you're looking for clanmates that know every Raid, how to be effective in PvP and know how to bank motes in Gambit. But most of all know how to have a good time whilst doing it, then we are the clan for you!

We do have some access requirements which you will see below, but as long as you can meet at least 2/4 of those we can see about getting you in. Did I mention as a special treat to our members, we also run Giveaway competitions? These giveaways include the Annual pass/other DLC expansions and various gift vouchers for Psn, Amazon etc.

Access requirements to clan include

  • The use of discord to communicate with fellow clan members.
  • You must own all up to date DLC.
  • A few completions of past/current content Raids. (This lets us know you can help others learn)
  • Alternatively if you are PvP oriented player then you will be accepted if you have a kda of 1.5 or above.

Founder and high ranking admins have 200+ raid completions and are willing to teach.

Feel free to message me (TheStorySoLee) on PSN so we can see about getting you into the clan!

You can check my stats below so you know you'll be joining a competent clan :)


27th Oct 2018 - 4:49pm

Ordos Gaming is looking for new members!

Are you just wanting clan xp weekly without the hassle of being active for strikes or raids.

On the other side are you looking for raid or strikes members on a busy schedule.

Or are you looking for like minded people to game with in destiny or beyond then look no further.

Ordos Gaming is a UK/NA based social gaming community but open worldwide for anyone to gather no matter what life commitments you have.

We use discord and a website to plan strikes or raids or generally just shoot the breeze, with a raid/activity schedule in the works.

All we ask that you are active within discord and/or community website as we know you can't always game.

The Destiny Clan we have is on PS4 and are looking into other games to play as well. 

Feel free to message myself, for more info.

Many Thanks

Liquid Ravenor


23rd Oct 2018 - 5:40pm

I'm the founder of a small clan called cats rule no requirements to enter just be actvie we everything we gonna get a raid team going once my friends have time we get all clan engrams we almost clan level 2. 3 players rn we based in the us message me on PSN fmaintain


15th Oct 2018 - 2:56pm

Hey FinalManStandin!

I'm Shaz.. I'm the current founder of Top Tier Trash Guardians. We have 114 players right now and 112 players are active.. we always have an admin online.. we have a discord channel, destiny app community and facebook page so you reach out to play with any of us any time. We have 13 admins from different regions of the world and we are still growing! There is no requirements, you may check out our page:

Hit me up: Shahz774 on psn! :)


13th Oct 2018 - 2:53pm

I am an admin of a Destiny 2 clan called Eternal Br0therhood. We are currently Recruiting if interested send me a message on psn steve_3313. Our clan is newly formed our players are young and old but all are respectfull and very helpfull. We are committed to building our clan from the bottom up which means helping everyone with anything they need.