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Heyho I´m playing Apex legends for over  a year now competitively with mild sucess because of a lack of determanation towards achieving more than "just" a higher rank, of friends I´ve been playing with. It was and still is my biggest dream to one day be able to play on-stage on a event. which I´ve been trying to reach since almost 10years now. I started with CSGO in 2013 which Ive been playing actively since 2019/20 for almost 4000 hours in the year 2019 I switched to Apex legends where I started to get used to the game and climb the ranks ingame starting from season 2. I am currently sitting on around 1200 hours in Apex legends, a couple of played GLL games which were pretty successfull and a good run on the Masters Summers EU Qualifier in which we got to round 3 but I again couldn´t participate because of lack of determanation from my teammates sadly. 
I am so confident that I could achieve more and I am willing to do everything I possbily can to one day fullfill my biggest dream and I hope that there is anyone here that would put the trust in me and that can see and understand my will to achieve more. 

Currently sitting on only 10k RP S8 first split/ S8 second split, because I have noone to play on master 

Im 21years old, living in germany and capable of speaking english fluently