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Looking for a competitive fortnite team!

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So, I have been playing fortnite since the very start of season 3(oh the good ole days) starting out by playing casually with a couple friends but I quickly fell in love with the game because it involves quick desicion making and Having a lot of skill in the game really does pay off (not pay to win bull) I quickly started to learn all of the builds people were discovering and adding them into my own aresonal, I usually just play with friends whether it be my buddies in console or pc because I enjoyed the game a lot more, but in recent months I have been really putting In work to improve. but I really do think I need a group of other competitive players that I can play with and learn off of to really take my play to the next level, because playing pugs over and over I tend to go on auto pilot due to a majority of players not being very good. I’m 19 and working full time to save for school and my schedule isn’t like a set Monday - friday it can be on weekends and during the week sometimes.


RS Koposition

10th Jan 2019 - 5:02am

Hi there, Rose Society is an oceanic casual/competitive clan where everyone can have fun and join scrims. This clan is for all platforms and there is no requirements to join except you have to be able to change your name to RS (Your Name). Right now I have no members but you would be a good addition and I would love to have you here with me to help kick start this guild