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Looking for competitive fortnite clan


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I started playing fortnite near the middle of season 3 and already consider myself a skilled player.

Season 4 stats: 128 wins, 3,000+ kills, 2.1 k/d, 8% win percentage, lvl 95

Im still improving everyday and put in mad hours everyday. Looking for clan asap. Also im 19 years old and not looking to join a clan full of kids.


rG Capt America

1st Jul 2018 - 10:37pm

Hey man,

Rapture Gaming is a multi game Xbox community currently looking for some more members to play multiple games with, including Fortnite :) We are an active and friendly community looking for all skill levels. You will never have to play alone since our members are located all over the globe. We have many members in other Battalions that play different games that members are encouraged to participate in. Many games are supported so there is a good chance you can find someone to play almost any game!

We are a community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions.

We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with.

Our Requirements:

- Working headset

- 17 or older

- Good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players.

Click on the link to sign up. Head on over to Join a Battalion and fill out an app for Atlas Battalion (The Division, MHW, Diablo 3), Fuse Battalion (Destiny 1&2), Phoenix (CoD & Overwatch), or Battlegrounds (Battlefield, PUBG, Fortnite).

Thanks and hope to see you around!