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Looking for competitive fortnite clan


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I have over 150 wins, I'm tier 70 at the moment (Season 5) Age: 13. I don't play solos (i find it boring tbh)

My speciality is Building and making smart tactical decisions.

EU servers

Stats: (i share acc with my little brother and he has no wins and plays 24/7)



3rd Aug 2018 - 12:54pm

TiltedGaming is a clan which was created based around social interactions and casual / competetive gaming. We originally started out as a fortnite clan but we now have many other games of which we play, such as: 



Creative Destruction (Mobile game)

We are also expanding to many more games!


We have a very small list of requirements to join the clan:

*Must be 13 or over (12 and turning 13 in a month or 2 is ok.)

*Must use Discord


If so, Join the discord server here:


Come in and lets all explore!