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Looking for competitive Fortnite clan

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Looking for a smaller fortnite clan that competes competively, but with a chill environment. 

Epic: mercuryqt

over 800+ wins and 3.5kd



12th Dec 2018 - 12:23am

We are a gaming community wanting to play any type of game. You do not need to be a professional but recommend you be chill. You can also be competitive and play with some other players looking for he same thing. Only exception is to change name to have PostMa in front of it. We have a Xbox One Club set up now and a Discord coming soon. Most players play on the weekends and go all day long. If we are playing on weekdays the time will most likely be from 3pm-12pm. Nothing is scheduled so you can still play on your on time and you do not need to play with the Clan. We hope you play your best and have fun.

Team Slice

9th Dec 2018 - 4:22am

Hey! New upcoming Fortnite clan dedicated to our people! We would love to have you on the team, we are a small clan as of right now but we are trying to grow and become professional, hopefully we can have some of our players participate in PRO tournaments. We really have no requirements, we would just like to see you're stats to place you on one of our 4 teams, team 1 obviously being the best 4 players, so on so forth. Hopefully you consider us and if you want to talk to us, join our professional discord with this link ----


7th Dec 2018 - 12:45pm

If you want to, we will get into playing things such as scrims as soon as possible. I already know the scrim discord, but I will not play a scrim until we have at least 4 people in our clan. I know you may not want to join since I only have 430+ wins or since I am not competitive yet, but it would be nice for you to join.


7th Dec 2018 - 12:41pm

Hey mercury! Sadly, until my clan grows we will not be in the competitive scheme. But we will soon! You could be the first person in my clan! I only have 438 wins, with a 2.68 KD, but you could still join my clan. Tryouts include build battles, aim practice, and then a duo game where I purposely die and spectate you. Here is my clan link for discord. I am the only one in it. I would love for you to be the first member!

here is the discord: