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Looking For Competitive Clan


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Trying to find a serious, competitive PC clan. I have 500+ wins, high scores in all pop ups. Had 51 points in duo pop-up. Ideally looking for a large, well known clan.



9th Jan 2019 - 12:11pm

Hello DrScuccle,

My name is Vxnm (call it Venom) .Im the Leader of the NEW Clan Team Leqit ..We currently under construction that means we will be playing clan clothes,websites,discord server ,new members and some clan desingns.Of course we have some Rules some very strict and some not but i can email you them and even more info.We want to start slowly in the field of E-sport,tune and get bigger and need good players..We are nased in germany but are also open for players that live in other countrys..

If you are interestend please send my an mail..


[email protected] or

[email protected]