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Looking For Competitive Clan

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Hi my name is Sk1llz or Pikaboo, 

I'm looking for a competitive clan. I have 7k pts in arena and I play tourneys/scrims. I am an NA player if you are EU or Middle East I cannot join. Also I'm a chill non-toxic person. I am looking at one clan in particulary right now called Razor. If you have a better clan put it in the comments.



28th Mar 2020 - 5:43am

our clan is about competitivity and fun in our clan if you are toxic you will be kicked from the clan we will be doing tourneys and splitting the money we will go against other clans axez is a place where if you are a competitor you have to be level 25 or higher with at least 5 wins in all game modes if you are a content creator et doesn't matter if you have subs or not just make unique content and upload any time you can for gfx you must not use templates use original content and quality and funny edits if you want to join send me your clips of creative or any sick plays you have and tell me your gamer tag and I will add you do it all at and you must be 11 years of age or older good luck. ps. my email is [email protected] and check out my website for axez clan at we are sponsored by fatal grips and rogue energy you wanna join ?????? if so click the email and tell me your gamer tag

[email protected]

20th Jan 2020 - 1:43pm

Yo, you seem perfect for our can, Team Frost. We have a comp and pubs team. If you are interested. go to our discord

We don't have many members but who need a lot of players in a clan. We just started and are willing to recruit without tryouts on pubs and with tryouts on comps.

We are an NA clan.


23rd Dec 2019 - 1:17pm

We are currently under rebranding and recruiting our perfect squad.

We are a Community under Esports. We are a cross-platform squad, so it doesn't matter if you're a PS4, Xbox, or PC player. Everybody is welcome! We mostly play Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty and Fortnite but we  don't mind to have members that also bring other games with them. We are looking for mods and team leaders to coordinate individual squads for each game. If you have what it takes to lead the charge apply within.

In our community you can find people to play with, become friends with, and most importantly have fun with!

Vex GG

16th Dec 2019 - 1:09am

Hello, we're an upcoming organization that plays Fortnite competitively and want to add you to our roster. We have an NA and an OCE roster, so you will be 100% welcome. Join our discord for more info! Hope to see you there!


15th Dec 2019 - 11:25pm

Aye bro. Mind checking us out? We're an NA clan. We're looking to expand with our fortnite team