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Looking for a comp apex pc team


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Hi all,


Im looking to join a team UK 


About me;
I am 20 and from the UK. I play xbox but i made the move to PC because of tournaments etc,

I am currently ranked plat on xbox with the name Stormo UK (if you wanna see my stats)

I play every evening UK time and I am looking for a team that matches these times. 


Because I have just moved to PC 


I am looking for a team that is going to have good banter, similar minded to myself and similar interests. 


I can play almost any role to suit. I am an aggressive player switching between aggression and smart support,


I am online all day today, looking to get as much practice in as possible and find a team for me! I will start pushing ranked and see what i can get 


If there is anyone looking for a team that matches my play times give me a shout and lets get a team going!


Thanks for reading this