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Looking for cod ww2 clan



30th Aug 2018 - 2:12am

Shadow Company is a mature community that has been around since 2008.  We enjoy having fun playing games with like-minded people, while staying competitive in game.  If this sounds like something you have been looking for we would invite you to join our ranks.

SCHQ is always looking for potential recruits, the requirements to join are: you live in the USA/EU, Over 18+ and a microphone, the rest is simple all you have to do is sign up on the forums eventually you will be given access to our personal discord server where you can socialize with your fellow players regardless of their platform and location, when you join you become an official SCHQ member with well over a 100 players and increasing by the day, below shows what we have to offer at sc and how we get our message out to the public

  1. Squad Based Practices
  2. SC Weekly Top 5 Youtube Series
  3. Clan Wide Tournaments
  4. Community Event Nights
  5. Clan Contests 
  6. Merch Store