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Looking for clan/group to roll with


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Hey! I'm a longtime FPS veteran. I started with Halo 3 and played LAN and GB events, then moved into MW2 (2008), Black Ops 2, and most of the battlefield series (excluding Battlefield 1 and V). I'm a competitive player whose role has typically been AR/SMG slayer. I'm really just looking for a group of people to pubstomp and chill in discord with. I play a lot of other games as well. Currently, I'm replaying the Mass Effect Trilogy, as well as busting my way through Hades. 

I'm only a level 22, but my KD is a 2.1. I fell out of love with the Battlefield series for a little bit, but that FPS muscle memory never goes away. I know my KD and skill with increase once I master more of the operator mechanics as well. 

Shoot me a message on discord (Terbey#1978) if anyone is interested in connecting.