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Looking for clan / players

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Looking for a clan / players who enjoy playing hardcore.  I'm not able get on all the time like I used too but when I do I'd like to be able have a laugh and have some laid back games. Will do competitive as and when I can. Just looking to have fun and a chilled out experience really!  Based in UK.

Psn Balo-Drown 



17th May 2024 - 11:03pm

If interested here is my Discord ID


KSI is Recruiting!! Need people to play with? Well you found the right spot. Come join.

We have over 2k+ members 

We have Rank Structure 

We have Departments people can join(AAP,Social Media, Graphics,T&E ect)



Must be 18+

Must have a mic

Must have Discord . 

We have awards you can achieve here in KSI for hard work you put into the community. You'll be recognized for your hard work.

We also play tons of different games like CoD,Apex, Fortnite,Destiny, ect




26th Jan 2024 - 6:50pm

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23rd Jan 2024 - 8:16am

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22nd Jan 2024 - 9:46am

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