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Looking for a clan or community

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I'm looking for a clan or community that is an even mix of casual and competitive, also looking for members who are chill and are cool to be around.  I'm not looking for people who rage over little things, but enough of what I'm looking for and more about me.  I'm a laid back person and I don't really talk much (which is a habit I'm trying to break), I'm pretty decent at CoD WW2 and both battlefield 4 and 1.  I'm always looking for tips that could potentially make me better.


Reloaded Phenom

Hey Sloth I'm looking for members for my Call of Duty WWII team are clan is called Reloaded Nation if you like to check us out more are website is you can message are team leader for Call of Duty if your interested her gamertag is Reloaded Queen 


Good Afternoon,


I am replying on behalf of Non Resistance Gaming (NRG) We are a rebuilding clan that was established a few years ago. We have competitive and chill players. We also have training sessions that will help advance your game. We are a relaxed clan that just enjoys playing together. We do have discord and are very active on there. If you want any additional information feel free to message me on PSN- StealthyNinja485.


Thank you for your time and hope to play with you soon.