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Looking for Clan, obviously, that's why I'm her-


Listing Information

Hello! My name's Mazo! I'm 14+ (not gonna give my actual age but it's pretty obvious when you talk to me.) I'm a casual Fortnite player Looking for a Clan to join.

I want to join a small, casual, yet dedicated clan. 

My IGN is Gucci Mazo, add me!

Here are my stats -

I've been playing since day one, I'm a decent player, I'm a fun guy, I can be anything ya want me yo be bab-

My Discord is Gucci Mazo#4412 feel free to HMU.


Kxng Funkee

31st May 2019 - 4:23pm

Hah, you talk like me when you type/text. Check us out! We play fortnite, and I actually met one or two of my clan members, click my profile and check me and my clan out!


25th May 2019 - 6:30am

I just noticed I put yo instead of to I'm going to fucking kill myself....