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Looking for Clan Division 2



18th Mar 2019 - 10:04pm

Hello! If you haven't found a good fit yet you can give us a try! We are a chill and friendly clan, currently 2 people strong, mic required and 18+. 

Our clan, Captain My Captain is enjoying all aspects of the game and looking forward to growing with like minded peeps. 

The clan is set to open so you can join anytime, my PSN is TurtleDaCat if you have any questions(:

Thanks for the consideration!

TG Kacy2k

18th Mar 2019 - 2:46pm

If you are still interested in a gaming community, come check us out. We have a great group of folks in Tactical Gaming that are laid back and looking forward to enjoying all aspects of the Division 2.


A little about us:

TG was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (XBOX, PS, PC & Mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics. With our Warfare and Adventures franchises, we have thousands of active members.


If you are interested, simply visit our site and register


If you have any questions feel free to get a hold of me on Discord.



TG Kacy2k


Discord ID: TG Kacy2k #0581


17th Mar 2019 - 2:36am

We match what you are looking for brother. Message me osmosis_1225 our clan is the ||vanguard|| we also have a 90 member sister clan in destiny 2.


16th Mar 2019 - 8:55pm

Just some dudes who love to grind out the game, feel free to join no pressure to be high level just want to have a good community of players.

Clan Name: Ham Slammers

Psn: CaptainJelly777


16th Mar 2019 - 2:35pm

We are a relaxed clan 18+, we don’t take each other too seriously. We do pve and pvp and just looking to add to our close knit group. Add my psn: RJClarkeee