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Looking for a clan to call home



17th Feb 2020 - 4:54am

I hit you up on Xbox so hopefully talk with you soon!

Our Mission: We are a new community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We Have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions.

Our Environment; We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with.


  • working headset
  • 17 or older
  • good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players
  • Ability to log into our forum at-least once every 14 days

Once signed up head on over to Join a Battalion and fill out our app and join our user group for rG Phoenix (Xbox Battalion).

Join a battalion & Join a user group and your DONE!

Please don't hesitate to contact me on discord if you have any questions: GT rG Eagle101

Happy gaming!!

RGx Ryza XV

28th Jan 2020 - 11:22pm

Hello, would you like to join RGL? We're a pretty laid back community founded by leaders that were just like yourself. We all took a break from communities and pretty much said "let's do this thing again" and here we are with a brand new community trying to relive our glory days! come join! Message me on xbox so we can get this started GT: RGL Ryza XV


21st Jan 2020 - 12:19am

hii!!! there person, i would like that if you need any place to join it should be TBC its a fun community and you can call it home we got great staff who are willing to work hard for the community!!