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Looking for a Clan



3rd Aug 2018 - 1:34pm

Hey Quickshot,



[PRSE] are always looking for highly skilled players in both PvE and PvP to0 join the Sentinels. If you wish to join review all the terms and conditions below and then fill in the APPLICATION FORM found at the bottom.


Apply here:

Bungie Clan Page:


1st Aug 2018 - 8:20pm

Inverted Spire is a new clan designed to support all types of Destiny 2 players. From new players to veterans, from PvE players to PvP players. Our goal is to build a strong community for Destiny 2 players and provide support to not only the clan itself, but the entire Destiny 2 community. Though early in the works, we have plans for organizing in house clan tournaments as well as open tournaments to other clans where our clan teams will face off against others. We want to be a home for new streamers and content creators as well and help them get their foot in the door with their streams or content they put out. We are very open to hearing from the community what type of services we could offer as a clan as we have the goal to make Inverted Spire the best quality Destiny 2 Clan there is. So if you are looking for a clan, looking to switch, or are interested in help growing the community, come join us over here at Inverted Spire!


Join our Discord and be a part of our community:


If you are a streamer or content creator, shoot me a message on Discord once you join so we can talk about what we can do for you (Username: Schlottdogg)



29th Jun 2018 - 4:34pm

Hi there Quickshot, looking for clan members like yourself who are keen on D2 and especially the new forsaken content. we a small group of 30 -40 year old mature gamers (bit nerdy too) based in uk looking for like minded players looking to grind new content and more so look to do new raids blind figuring out mechanics without looking up strats.  if this sounds like your cup of tea, then look up the clan Th3 Dirty Danc3ers on also the other clan members are in to many other online games you may enjoy.



26th Jun 2018 - 12:00am


Kings Realm is a relatively new clan startup even with its 3 years of operation, however, we are a small knit group of players who play a variety of PC games.

We strive to enjoy playing games with one another be that for casual play or competitive play, we also have a TeamSpeak and a website set up for use if you would like to check us out!

we are very new to our new direction in the clan for both casual and competitive play so each member has its vote to help shape the clan to help it grow and bring more people in.



- 16+

- Mature

- A working microphone

- Teamspeak 3





if you have anymore questions then feel free to message Kingz on our website or find me in TeamSpeak :)