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Looking for clan



14th Mar 2022 - 10:42pm

Hey you! Are you interested in joining a server that has a heavy focus on competitive gaming? Do you want to be on a comp team for games such as Valorant, Rocket League, Call of Duty and more? Look no further than We The North! We will help you find others with similar interests and goals to take your gaming to the next level! If you're a streamer than you can feel free to self promote and even apply for a Content Creator position! We are also currently looking for GFX artist's and moderators. So what are you waiting for? Come make a name for yourself with We The North!


16th Feb 2022 - 11:31am

Rise From the Fallen is an adult gaming community! We're here to have fun and grow as a whole. Our mission is to help small streamers grow and hit the goals they want to hit with in gaming. We're here to help improve in game play and have fun while being your stereotypical gamer. We all understand that we have outside lives kids, jobs and anything else that may arise. You sound like a good fit for our community