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Looking for a clan

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Hey everyone my name is Brian and here is my siege resume.

Current Rank Silver 3.  Past couple seasons were silver and gold.  Aiming for Plat 3 this season but we will see.

Ive played Siege on and off since release.. originally played on PS4.  Moved to PC.  I have a good setup so no worries about a low quality mic. I know the maps.  I know the basic call outs. Comfortable with all the operators and know how to use them correctly.


I hold my own and at my worst wont slow down my team.  Just looking for a group to vibe with.



15th Jan 2020 - 10:14am

I have a friend who is a team captain for a r6s team add me on discord if you wanna know more Pynkvortex#9572. It's both casual and competetive